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Integral part of supporting renewable energy sources is to promote these in public. We believe it is important for everybody to have the opportunity to access true information on using RES, their advantages, disadvantages, possible operational risks, etc. Since 2004, we have been running, in cooperation with the Jindřichovice p. S. municipality, the Ecological Information Centre (EIC), which, as the only one in the Czech Republic, specialises in renewable energy sources. You can find the Ecological Information Centre at the Jindřichovice wind power plants, which double as a practical example of RES use. During the expert commentary, our visitors can make their own opinion, for example, on how noisy the turbines are, whether they disrupt the landscape, etc.

During the expert commentary and excursion tour can our visitors further find out, how we heat water using solar panels positioned on the Eco-centre’s roof, with the use of a small model will be demonstrated how hydrogen is turned into clean energy source, visitors will view different types of biomass for heating, and can see the exterior and interior of a grassed roof Norwegian log-cabin.

EIC offers ecological educational programs for young, older children and students, which are fitted to suit individual age groups:

  • for preschools (min. age 5) and 1st year of primary schools
  • for 2nd – 5th year of primary schools
  • for senior years of primary schools
  • for colleges
  • for high schools and specialized high schools

Programs last 1 - 1,5 hour and include commentary on our power stations, the log-cabin and other project of the Jindřichovice municipality. The educational programs are designed for groups of 10 to 20 pupils; higher numbers of pupils have to be divided into several groups. Price per pupil: CZK 30,- + 19% VAT, supervising teachers – free of charge.


Visits to the eco-centre are subject to booking!!!

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