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Instalation NRG 50 m

Measuring of wind represents inherent and crucial procedure in the preparatory project stages of wind power plant construction. No wind map, not even the most advanced mathematical model can convey the real wind dynamics and currents of a given locality.

Banks and investment companies are aware of this fact and for their final credit or investment decision require the obligatory assessment on measuring wind for minimum period of one year.

We use 50 meters long masts and equipment of the USA manufacturer NRG for measuring of wind. The measuring takes place on at least 3 height levels. The entire measuring system is self-sufficient due to a sophisticated measuring- and data- electronics and a fitted photovoltaic panel.

In exceptional circumstances, which are mainly dictated by foreign capital, we provide measuring in cooperation with the ENERCON Company at heights of 65, 85 and 100 meters.

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